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Luís Pinho, Diretor Geral

Helexia has seen a remarkable growth in Portugal, which now culminates with the inauguration of new facilities. What is the secret of your success?


Yes, it is true, we are growing, but the explanation for that is not a secret. I would say that it depends on the soul of our business - our integrative and complementary approach to energy services for a responsible and sustainable energy transition. 


What kind of services do you provide?


Our offer is divided into three segments: decentralized production of renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management. These three converge on the more comprehensive concept of Energy Efficiency. 


What are the advantages of being your customer?


The biggest and most important advantage is to have us as partners by their side. We monitor all energy processes, from production, monitoring and supervision of consumption to the implementation of improvement measures, without investment or impact on their balance sheet or on the ability to finance their activity.


What are your goals for the future?


The goal is to maintain our growth. We want to double our installed capacity and power generation capacity every two years and we also want to be the benchmark partner for the industry, services and retail sectors in our range of services.


What is your opinion about the current state of the photovoltaic sector in our country and what are the forecasts for the coming years?


The sector is alive, after a difficult period following the intervention of the troika that led to the cancellation of existing policies such as subsidies for energy production. We went from a subsidized model that generated a burden on all taxpayers, for a model and regulation of self-consumption, without any kind of subsidy and based on market prices.


From the point of view of regulation for Self-Consumption, we consider that it is well designed and balanced, and that, moreover, serves as reference to other countries. Yes, we do good things in Portugal! For the next few years, we expect an accelerated growth in the penetration of photovoltaic energy into the National energy mix, which will certainly contribute to reduce energy dependence on polluting sources (coal, gas, nuclear ...) and on the the long term, lead to a reduction of energy costs to final consumers. Helexia wants to contribute to this.


What led you to become members of APREN?


It is important for Helexia to be part of an association such as APREN. It addresses the issue of energy in a serious and uncomplicated way, without fear of addressing the issues that should be discussed, so we can build a true platform and energy mix that meets the needs of development, without putting sustainability in question. Congratulations on your work.