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SERMEC Group II - A company to cherish


SERMEC II is a company with more than sixty years of activity, located in Folgosa, municipality of Maia, district of Porto.

Throughout that time many were the challenges and many ways it has found to keep and reinvent itself, splitting into as many industry sectors as its founding concept of Service Industry enabled.

In a country that rarely presents precise directions to its entrepreneurs and through decades, during which, instead of leverage and help the companies, the Country and its policies increased the ballast and the resistance to the development, compromising the desirable creation of wealth to distribute by all of us, SERMEC managed to become a Business Group with direct intervention in the Provision of Services to sectors as diverse as Metal-mechanics, Metallurgy, Steel, Cement, Paper, Automobile or Construction, to finally propose two types of services to the young industrial sector of wind turbines:


  • Through WEARTECH, which makes available to Builders, Brands and Park Owners the exchange of oils and lubricants through three mobile units and their human teams, operating throughout the Iberian Peninsula and France.
  • Through SERMEC WINDPOWER, specifically dedicated to the assembly and repair of multiplier boxes, as well as all metallic and or mechanical element that can be found in a Nacela.


SERMEC WINDPOWER dedicates 7,500 m2 of brand new and immaculate facilities to this activity, that can be better understood through an existing bipolar organization:


  • A highly technological hub, which originated in the acquisition of a Gear Boxes company from which it integrated and incorporated engineering and knowledge, and which, together with a daring investment in high technology coatings equipment, capable of repairing and recovering any metal elements with the quality similar to that of the raw material itself, but with the support of retro-engineering, all means of certified control, and a test bench capable of testing the multipliers under load until about 3 MW and consequently guarantee repair, results in an alternative and a unique offer with which all players in the sector can leave quantitatively, qualitatively and economically benefited.
  • The other is composed of excellent mechanics capable of performing the most demanding mechanical technical tasks in disassembling, repairing or replacing shafts or bearings, and at the same time as other verification operations of components crucial for the proper functioning of the elements as well as of the assembly of the multiplier boxes, whether new or intervened.

These valences are joined by highly differentiated teams with GWO Certifications for Up-Tower interventions, and a logistical and organizational capacity leveraged by a network of international partnerships in the most varied specialties, and extensive to several markets and countries.

For all this it is worth cherishing WEARTECH and SERMEC WINDPOWER, Portuguese industrial bets, returning indirectly to SERMEC II the recognition of its merit for many decades of dedication to its customers.


Supporting these Industrial Units in overcoming the challenges they face in this sector of Renewable Energies is to also bet on the balanced and healthy development of this market, which requires contributions of this type and in the long term, to grow, and above all to mature, in harmony and equity.