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Ourika photovoltaic power plant - Land Measurement


During the final commissioning phase of the largest photovoltaic power plant by 2018 and the first in Portugal without any subsidized tariffs - installed capacity of more than 46 MW - enough to supply more than 23,000 Portuguese homes, the Ourika Photovoltaic Power Plant located in Ourique was inspected by SGS to determine compliance with the current legistaltion, as well as land resistance measurements.


SGS Inspectors carried out measurements on April 5 and 6, 2018, in more than 40 dispersed points throughout the complex, in order to exhaustively ascertain the values ​​that at each point ensure the safety of the workers and equipment of this Complex. In compliance with current legislation, the following number of points were measured:


Type of measurement         Number of points
Land Resistance                   14
Step Voltage                          16
Contact Voltage                    16
Total of measured points   46


In all measurements the limit values ​have been widely respected, thus ensuring the protection of workers and equipment in an extreme situation.