What is the COP24 climate change rulebook and why do we need it? | Euronews answers
Nearly 200 countries signed up on Saturday to a 156-page rulebook for implementing the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, ending some two weeks of negotiations fraught with political divisions. But what is the rulebook, why is it necessary and...
Renewables sector battling to fight demands for EUR300 million pay-back
APREN, the association of renewable energy producers, is in a major battle with the government over retroactive demands for a €300 million payback.
Portugal: New energy minister announces first RE auction for Q2 2019
In addition to unveiling Portugal’s first renewables auction, State Secretary for Energy João Galamba has said he will fight speculation in the large-scale solar business, and introduce both longer timeframes for project construction and stronger...
G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds
Coal, oil and gas subsidies risking rise in global temperatures to 3.2C, well beyond agreed Paris goal.
Renewables need EUR20 billion invested to reach Portugal´s 2040 ´deadline´
Portugal needs to invest around EUR20 billion if it's going to reach its target of producing all the energy it needs through renewable sources by 2040. So says António Sá da Costa, president of APREN - the national association of renewable energies - who...
Portugal’s growing green energy production hits milestone
Green energy activists in Portugal are hailing a milestone after favorable weather conditions helped production from renewable sources in March to exceed the country’s monthly electricity consumption for the first time.
Spain returns to wind energy with record low prices
Wind energy was awarded nearly all of the 3GW available in the Spanish renewable energy auction whose results were announced on 17 May.
Renewable energy supplies Portugal for three days running
One of the benefits of the current run of lousy weather is that Portugal has been self sufficient in renewable energy for three consecutive days. 
Formula E drives electric mobility innovation
The most recent Formula E race and associated FIA Smart Cities event in Santiago, Chile last week highlighted the importance of sustainable mobility and the advantages of advancing electric technology as quickly as possible.
Renewables bring 44% of Portugal's power in 2017
Renewable power plants met about 44% of Portugal's electricity consumption in 2017, shows data from the Portuguese Association of Renewable Energy (APREN).