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Renewables sector battling to fight demands for EUR300 million pay-back

APREN, the association of renewable energy producers, is in a major battle with the government over retroactive demands for a €300 million payback.

G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds

Coal, oil and gas subsidies risking rise in global temperatures to 3.2C, well beyond agreed Paris goal.

Renewables need EUR20 billion invested to reach Portugal´s 2040 ´deadline´

Portugal needs to invest around EUR20 billion if it's going to reach its target of producing all the energy it needs through renewable sources by 2040. So says António Sá da Costa, president of APREN - the national association of renewable energies - who stresses it is time to "increase the rhythm of growth in new centrals, which has almost stopped in the last three years".

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