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Who is ISQ and what experience do you have in the Renewable Energy sector?

ISQ is an independent private company with headquarters in Portugal for over 50 years and offers to its clients a wide range of Engineering, Technical Consulting, Technical Inspections, Testing and Testing Engineering and Facilities and R & D Services.

These services are performed by ISQ, or its affiliated companies, using multidisciplinary teams and supported by more than 20 accredited laboratories. Our services are applied in several activity sectors such as: Oil & Gas, Energy, Automobile, Aerospace, Process Industries, Health, Transportation, Mobility.

The establishment of partnerships with public and private entities, as well as the diversification of our activities, translates into a commitment to provide high quality services.
We conduct our activity by continuously developing the knowledge and technology in order to present the best global and integrated solutions to meet the needs of our partners and customers.

Our growth strategy is based on an increasingly important and sustained presence in the world, thanks to our offices, delegations and associated companies in Angola, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, French Guiana, Norway, Timor, Turkey.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of renewable energy, providing various inspection, consulting and testing services supported by several multidisciplinary engineering teams. We have, therefore, added value to the assets of the operators and manufacturers of this sector, which is very important for the economy and development of Portugal.


What Types of Services do you provide to the Renewable Energy Sector?

Inspection, consulting and testing services can be applied during all life stages of assets (e.g. wind turbines) ranging from design, manufacturing and installation, commissioning, operation, life extension and decommissioning. The types of services are diverse, including mechanical and electrical inspections, noise measurements, structural integrity inspections, manufacturing quality control and 3rd party inspections, commissioning of wind turbine components and photovoltaic systems, QHSE consultancy & inspection, failure analysis, I&D, testing of components & feasibility studies, life extension, among other services.


What are the benefits that ISQ provides to the assets of its customers?

  • Rigorous, specialized and independent monitoring
  • Effective asset management
  • High levels of availability and operability

What is the ISQ vision for the Renewable Energy Sector?

ISQ sees this sector with high expectations of growth and technological development. We believe in an increase of renewable energy production in lieu of non-renewable energy, development of large-scale energy storage systems and implementation of intelligent and autonomous energy production management systems.


Why choose ISQ as a business partner for the Renewable Energy sector?

ISQ has multidisciplinary skills, technical capacity and high experience and is supported by 20 accredited laboratories. We guarantee credibility and independence and ensure a work focused on the client's needs.


What can you offer in this area that other Companies cannot?

Availability of facilities and infrastructures in Portuguese territory and internationally that allow an immediate response to the needs of the client.


What are the main objectives of ISQ in this market?

To be the main provider of inspection, consulting and testing services in this market, ensuring lower CAPEX and OPEX costs to its customers.