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What is the COP24 climate change rulebook and why do we need it? | Euronews answers

Nearly 200 countries signed up on Saturday to a 156-page rulebook for implementing the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change, ending some two weeks of negotiations fraught with political divisions.

But what is the rulebook, why is it necessary and why are some already criticising it?

Renewables sector battling to fight demands for EUR300 million pay-back

APREN, the association of renewable energy producers, is in a major battle with the government over retroactive demands for a €300 million payback.

Portugal: New energy minister announces first RE auction for Q2 2019

In addition to unveiling Portugal’s first renewables auction, State Secretary for Energy João Galamba has said he will fight speculation in the large-scale solar business, and introduce both longer timeframes for project construction and stronger penalties.

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